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The Uses of the Past. Anastasius Grün's Political Ideas in the Field of Fiction
Marija Javor Briski

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.03.31-40

In his epic poem Pfaff vom Kahlenberg, published 1850, Anastasius Grün uses an idiosyncratic reception of the German comical literature of the Late Medieval Period and a depiction of the historical ritual of enthronement of the Dukes of Carinthia to criticize the social situation of the restoration period and to present his politically liberal ideas in a more or less hidden way. The transfer of oppositional ideas into the fictive world of literature and into the historical sphere of ancient traditions grants him a distanced position to the current historical conditions of the time.

Key words 
Anastasius Grün, Bakhtin, reception of medieval literature, Vormärz (pre-March) period, restoration period, enthronement of Carinthian Dukes

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