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Position of Transversal Competencies in University Settings
[La place des competences transversales dans le milieu universitaire]
Iveta Rizekova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.04.31-45

The paper deals with the topic of transversal competencies presenting their possible development and application at tertiary level. The transversal competencies create a coordinate system to enhance versatile abilities of the learner such as problem solving, project development or use of effective learning methods. Competencies acquired during the process of language learning or specialized subjects in foreign languages offer the students an opportunity to succeed both in language communication and in various disciplines preparing them for diverse activities in their professional and personal life. The paper is focused at transversal competencies that could inspire teachers (of languages) in tertiary educational institutions.

Key words 
competence, transversal, languages, application, university education

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