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Language as a constructor of social and cultural reality
[Язык как конструктор социокультурной реальности]
Albert A. Bagautdinov – Marat R. Minkin – Alexey F. Ivanov – Albina M. Nizameeva
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.04
Language is a unique phenomenon and the key instrument by which we can assimilate social and cultural realities of our country. Various aspects of language that consider it as a specific social-and-cultural reality and as a constructor of these realities have not been sufficiently studied yet. Linguistic-and-cultural studies which are the philosophy of language area still need a strong theoretical foundation. The purpose of this study is to explore language as a social-and-humanitarian phenomenon, interpret it as a meta-concept and constructor of reality which allows us to identify the interrelation of the language with social and humanitarian phenomena, to understand that it influences ethnicity and culture enrichment, and discuss theoretical and methodological productivity of the language. Dialectic methods and principles, as well as a method of historicism in social-and-cultural cognition, a system approach, a comparative method, interpretation analysis, elements of the structural-functional approach, conceptual modeling, an ethnomethodological approach, the phenomenological method and socio-cultural hermeneutics, were all used in the research. They allowed the authors to consider language as an integral philosophical and cultural problem.  The article presents the model of the language image as a meta-concept consisting of interconnected micro-concepts, linguistic signs. It gives a philosophical interpretation of the linguistic-and-cultural concept and discusses the philosophical category of a meta-concept; distinguishes micro-concept, a linguistic sign, in the linguistic and semiotic constructor; and identifies the foundations for the linguistic-and-cultural socialization of a person and social-and-cultural reality.

Key words: language, concept, meta-concept, micro-concept, linguistic sign

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