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The assessment of students' professional communicative competence: new challenges and possible solutions
Elena Genrikhovna Tareva – Boris Vladimirovich Tarev
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.59
At present, due to significant attention to communicative competencies of University graduates, the assessment of an adequate level of their foreign language proficiency becomes one of the priority tasks of University education. The classical forms of assessment activities are not able to satisfy the need to identify the degree of communicative competence development. The solution of the problem of optimization of forms and methods of assessment is being conducted today in different directions by Russian and foreign researchers of second language teaching methods.
The article focuses on the conditions of carrying out of communicative competence assessment that ensure the improvement of the quality of the assessment at Universities. The authors propose some practical solutions for improvement of assessment procedures among University students.

Key words: communicative competence, assessment of foreign language communicative competence, self, peer, and teacher assessment

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