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Criteria for courtroom speech cogency
Arastun Aliyar oglu Gasimov
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.04.12
The relevance of the research problem is driven by the modern discourse in legal culture and legal linguistics. Thus, the article discusses the purposes and characteristics of a courtroom speech as a subtype of public speaking, the methods, and techniques of argumentation, means of courtroom speech consistency and influence, basic techniques of verbal behaviour of a forensic orator. Thus, the qualities of courtroom speech for cogency are determined. Furthermore, the study characterizes the speech-making features of a public prosecutor as well as defense attorney and judge. The practical value is that the paper provides recommendations concerning the selection and use of language means and the prevention of speech errors.

Key words: public speaking, courtroom speech, rhetoric, cogency, speech-making features of trial participants

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