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Social and philosophical representation of the inmigrant in the media

[Representacion social y filosofica del inmigrante en los medios de comunicacion]
Rafael Marfil-Carmona – Monica Ortiz-Cobo

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01.15

The media account of the social phenomenon of migration is of great interest from an educational point of view. This pedagogical line is based on fostering critical citizenship. Teachers and students must be aware of the power of the press, radio, television and the Internet to generate and consolidate stereotypes. These stereotypes sometimes fall far short of reality. However, models of representation are an essential tool for understanding and conceptualising the world around us. Throughout history, human beings have always been in transit, in search of better living conditions or, as is the case today, in flight from dramatic situations that endanger their very survival. This is the case in armed conflicts. The informative reflection of these processes is, in addition to an always partial and ideological representation of reality itself, part of the social construction that is consolidated as truth in our learning process. The stereotype in the perception and consideration of migrants is one of the risks that can provoke and consolidate inequality in many countries of the world. This paper provides some lines of work for the analysis of the visual representation of immigration from a didactic and critical perspective.

Key words: migration, representation, media education, critical analysis, social construction

Pages: 192 - 206

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