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Phraseological terminology in the English economic discourse
Moldir Aimenova – Anar Ospanova − Akbayan Rakhimova − Aiman Sarsembayeva – Zura Mazhit

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01.18

The research is devoted to the phraseological terms that are encountered in English economic texts. The research analyzed lexical-semantic, cognitive, pragmatic, and linguistic-cultural peculiarities of phraseological units. This research extracts 50 phraseological terms from papers in linguistics, mass media materials, business and professional literature on economics. They were distinguished through four phraseological and semantic fields: “monetary relations”, “buying and selling”, “business and management”, and “economic and production relations”. The dominant term “money” was determined. This term has a conceptual meaning, expressed by the positive and negative connotative marking. Phraseological units mean abstract things that take a shape within a specific context. This research explains the use of toponyms, anthroponyms, and zoonyms in phraseological units, as well as the presence of occasional lexemes. Other aspects that were addressed include the main origins of economic phraseological units (mythology, real-life events, characters and persons, literary works, religion), the ethnic, psychological, socio-political and cultural constants of the English economic sphere.

Key words: English language, phraseolog

Pages: 228 - 238

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