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A vocabulary of physical and rehabilitation medicine in French and Ukrainian – the comparative analysis

[Le vocabulaire de la medecine physique et de readaptation en francais et en ukrainien : l'analyse comparative]
Roman Pomirko – Rostyslav Koval – Olga Romanchuk – Olesya Сherkhava – Nataliia Bazyliak

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.01XL.09

The article is devoted to the comparative analysis of terms of physical and rehabilitation medicine in French and Ukrainian. The material for the research has been selected from the most modern specialized glossaries and dictionaries. We have investigated denominations of professions; terms which are used to nominate the tests, scales and classifications; eponyms and toponyms; abbreviations; loan words; synonyms. Main models of formation of terms in the field have been revealed. Also it has been found out that we have three basic tendencies in French – active use of borrowed terms from English; a great number of different abbreviations; functioning of synonyms. We consider that Ukrainian terminology of physical and rehabilitation medicine is on the way of its unification and standardization. The main task is to compile the first French-Ukrainian dictionary of physical and rehabilitation medicine which will contain a translation of denominations of occupations; most common defects, disorders and diseases; scales and tests; means and methods of rehabilitation; abbreviations.

Key words: term, vocabulary, analysis, physical and rehabilitation medicine, French, Ukrainian

Pages: 109 - 127

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