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Translation as a means of interpersonal and interethnic communication
Natalija Koljada – Svetlana Kowalskaia – Ashhen Melkonyan

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2019.12.02.07

The article is a review of different approaches to communication issues. It shows the current significance of communication and emphases the role of translation in the process of communication. Materials are devoted mostly to the influence of translated literature on the development of nations. Different versions of translated text may have a different effect on personality when it takes shape. As translation carries communicative and educational functions, different versions of translated text may also add different flavors to the education and communication process. Aside from this, the primary focus was also laid on to the role of translation in knowledge acquisition and language continuity. Additionally, to communicative and educational functions, the outline puts forward other minor functions of translation, such as to deliver cultural information, to perceive the surrounding reality, to give unique characteristics to personality and to deliver human, social and other values. These purposes are accomplished through cultural and linguistic approaches, with the best experience on the subject. As a powerful means of communication, translation is a multi-level process. The findings show that translation does affect the linguocultural, information, educational and communicative spheres of life.

Key words: communication issue, information flow, communication type, translation function

Pages: 72 - 79

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