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The value dominant “Laicite” as part of the media picture of the world of France

Gulnar Abdikerimova – Kuliyash Duisekova – Zhanat Bissenbayeva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.01.06

In the multifaceted social life of modern France, the concept (phenomenon?) Of “secularism” - “Laicité” belongs among the most essential topics discussed today. It represents one of the fundamental values of the country, emphasized by the standards of multiculturalism in the era of integration in the information space while facing the changing nature of the national geopolitics of countries in the modern world. Besides the traditional “ideals of democracy” and “human rights,” the so-called “Laicité” is in complex, sometimes conflicting relationships in between. If earlier the concept of “secularism” or “Laicité” was the subject of discussion and research primarily by historians and politicians, then the global processes described above have led to the fact that it goes beyond the scientific framework and receives broad resonance in the mass media as a relevant topic of public debate. The article identifies current axiological verbal accents that have changed dynamically more than once over a relatively short historical period, or, on the contrary, despite all the changes in the social system of values, ontologically unshakable spiritual and moral supports of man were found. The authors do this within the framework of the problem of representing “Secularism” in France’s newspaper discourse, highlighting the facts of everyday life of French society through the media on this issue.

Key words: value, “Laicité,” media, picture, world, France

Pages: 75 - 85 

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