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Exploitation of the comic strips in French as a foreign language class in Albania

[L’exploitation de la Bande Dessinee en classe de FLE en Albanie]

Anida Kisi

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2020.13.01.08

This paper conducts an analytical reflection on the reality and the perspective of the integration of comic strips into the teaching / learning of FFL in Albania. It supports the hypothesis that the use of the comic strip in FFL class constitutes a didactic means which favors the progression of the linguistic competences while being a source of pleasure and motivation. It also tries to show that the use of comic strip in FFL helps memorization, triggers interaction and develops the critical thinking of the learner.
The theoretical framework of our research is that of a hybrid exploration based on an approach that reconciles semiology and didactics in the exploitation of comics in the course of FFL. We are interested in closely observing the uses, the place and the function it occupies in FFL textbooks and teaching practices in the Albanian FFL landscape. Some of the main topics that our research focuses on are: Does comic strips as a teaching / learning medium promote the development of language skills? How and for what purposes are the comic strips used in FFL? What is the impact of comic strips on the learner? What problems do we encounter while using coming strips? What technical and didactic needs do we have? What training needs (initial and/or ongoing) do we have?

Key words: comics, teaching / learning, FFL, language skills, textbook, Albania

Pages: 95 - 107

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