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Compositional content of English musical and rock opera texts: linguistic aspect

Venera Alpysbayeva – Togzhan Ospanova – Beishenaliev Almazbek – Tony Dimitrova Shekerdzhieva-Novak – Begalinova Gulnar

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.02.04

Every day, every active member of society deals with various types of media, interacts with other people, is engaged in cognitive activities while falling under the influence of external factors that influence a person’s consciousness, thinking, and behavior. All these processes take place in a communication situation, in which the individual inevitably becomes a participant when interacting with the outside world. One of the goals of research in the field of communicative linguistics is to identify and formulate criteria for ensuring the success (consistency) of speech interaction. Our research is devoted to the study of the linguistic problem of the text, which is proposed to be considered on the example of a musical and rock opera text as an element of a particular communicative phenomenon - musical and poetic discourse. The relevance of the work is based on the importance of the role of the linguistic component in the process of creating and perceiving the lyrics of a number of modern musical styles, which are currently one of the actively used tools for conveying information to the mass audience and influencing both the communicative activity of an everyday person and his worldview. The scientific novelty of this research lies in the fact that for the first time, it analyzes a previously unexplored linguistic phenomenon - the linguistic, musical, and rock opera texts. The uniqueness of the study lies in the fact that the theoretical and practical aspects of the functioning of texts are analyzed, the previously existing interpretations of this concept are systematically considered and based on our interpretation of this term, for the first time, an analysis is carried out concerning the corresponding type of discourse.

Key words: characteristics, professional language, linguistics, rock opera texts, English musicals

Pages: 52-59

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