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Musical perception and teaching-learning of French language-culture: Some acoustic and neuroscientific elements for the French music teacher

[Perception musicale et enseignement-apprentissage de la langue-culture française : Quelques éléments acoustiques et neuroscientifiques pour le professeur de musique du français]

Sophie Aubin

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2021.14.04.04

The musical nature of the sounds of a modern language emitted in the spoken mode, as well as their rhythmic and melodic combinations, exert a considerable "power" on teaching-learning: they provoke, in the learner, decisive auditory reactions, the variables of which are difficult to control, lead to more or less pleasant sensations, (in) understanding, interpretation, produce meaning. Musical perception is at the heart of successful teaching-learning. A language teacher is first and foremost a language music teacher. A French language-culture teacher is above all and always a French music teacher. Among the multidisciplinary relations of the discipline in which it is located, namely Didactology-didactics of the music of the French language-culture, are acoustics and cognitive neurosciences. Despite the extreme complexity of perceptual and neurological processes, turning to musical acoustics at first and then to musical neurosciences secondly makes it possible to recall and discover essential elements and data likely to be of interest to teaching practices.

Key words: musical sounds, language music, musical acoustics, cognitive neuroscience, French language-culture music teacher, musical culture

Pages: 51-64

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