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Translation and Subtitling of Documentary Films in Teaching Foreign Languages and Intercultural Communication
Emilia Perez 

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.01.28-35

The contribution focuses on the area of translation and subtitling of audiovisual works and the possibility of its introduction into teaching foreign languages and intercultural communication. Although this topic has been outlined in several publications home and abroad, our attempt is to encompass this idea not only from the point of view of its attractiveness but also focus on the specifics of translation of audiovisual texts as a distinctive type of text, the crucial attributes of subtitling, ways in which an audiovisual work communicates, and subsequently its implementation into teaching foreign languages and intercultural communication. The main focus falls upon translation and subtitling of documentary film with culturally specific value and the procedures of their use as a supplementary, interactive and experiential method in the foreign-language teaching process.

Key words
text, intercultural communication, translation, foreign language teaching, competences

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