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Teaching Strategy on Learning of English Phrasal Verbs by Economics Major Students in Russia 
Dinara G. Vasbieva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.03.57-65

The article investigates research into the use of the lexical set strategy for teaching phrasal verbs in Russia. Even though the incidence of phrasal verbs is significant in English-speaking countries, little has been written about other causes of the non-use of the forms of PVs except for avoidance. Accordingly, this study explored 304 PVs used in 70 talks by Economics Major students. Most of these verbs (83.91%) were correctly produced, which shows that PVs are not problematic as they are portrayed in previous studies. The author comes to the conclusion that a well-defined strategy for teaching and learning PVs promotes the development of students' foreign language communicative competence.

Key words 
phrasal verbs, foreign language teaching, communicative competence, idiomatic expression, literal meaning, figurative meaning, idiomatic meaning

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