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The Author in Fiction Literature Communication 
Elena Borisovna Savelyeva – Elena Alexandrovna Lineva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.03.76-90

The article considers the problem of the author of a fiction literature text of autobiographical genre, who is an active subject of the verbal activity, because of his relation to reality. Material for empirical research is autobiographical prose by Andre Gide which fully reflects the originality of the artistic world of the French writer. The aim of the article is to identify and record the fact of a communication event, which clearly demonstrates the characteristic features inherent to the author-narrator. The methodological basis of the issue under investigation allows to analyze the peculiarities of the formation of the image of the author, his position and speech part, which are included in the act of fiction literature communication. This methodological basis is an evident novelty and is dictated by the absence of specific research on this issue. Consequently, it is revealed that autobiographical writing is a communication event as it implies the existence of a direct connection between the author and the reader.

Key words 
author, fiction literature communication, autobiographical text, author’s identity, communication event, memory.

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