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A Move toward Learner-Centred Foreign Language Pedagogy: Focusing on Factors Fostering Language Intake
Dana Hanesova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.04.46-59

The author presents an account of two investigations (2000, 2015) of variables that seem to play a role in students’ turning language input into language intake. This process can be considered the first step toward successful learning of foreign languages. In the first part of the study the theoretical base of this issue is described, especially the notion of language intake as well as the broader concept of learner-centred language pedagogy. Various theories designate various factors as important in the process of language intake. The two sets of research data collected via observation of an experimental implementation of a new ESP (English for Specific Purposes) course show the most important factors influencing the successful process of language intake. In the end of the study, the author presents a list of cognitive, affective, cognitive and physical variables that were found while observing the learners during their learning (such as the learner’s pre-knowledge and linguistic repertoire, motivation, emotional barriers, and rapport with the teachers, as well as adequate teaching form and positive climate).

Key words 
learner-centred, pedagogy, foreign language, input, intake, variables

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