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The Dissociative Disjunct New in the Advertising Discourse
[Le modalisateur dissociatif nouveau/nouvelle dans le discours publicitaire]
Marius Octavian Munteanu
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2015.08.04.66-77

The study intends to expand the field of theoretical and practical discussion on the concept of argumentative dissociation. This concept is rarely used in argumentative studies written in French; it appears mainly in the research papers of Amsterdam School of Pragma-dialectics, and a special mention goes to Agnes Van Rees’ scientific work. Our conceptual hypothesis relays on the theoretical apparatus developed by Agnes Van Rees, our declared intention being to open a critical discussion about concepts to be revised and defined and also whose limitations should be indicated in further studies. The new concepts we propose (modalisateur dissociatif, dissociation implicite partielle) will be applied to a discursive structure often used in the French advertising discourse for automotive industry (and not only for this industry) – le nouveau / la nouvelle X. We intend to analyze the logical structure sustaining this argumentative structure with dissociative function and to compare it to the typical dissociative structure.

Key words 
advertising, argumentative dissociation, discursive analysis, dissociative indicator, partial implicit dissociation

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