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Inner Differentiation of the Prosecutorial Professional Style
Liliya R. Duskaeva - Alexandra L. Kryazheva

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2016.09.01.47-58

This article is devoted to the description of inner differentiation of the Russian prosecutorial professional style that is one of professional styles presented in a legal sphere of communication. It has been ascertained that prosecutorial professional-speech activity and its varieties are presented as a hierarchically organized system of private occupations and typical communicative actions that form them and that are the basis of professional style, groups of speech genres and separate genres. Relying on this logic, the groups of speech genres have been sorted out and each group has been characterised.
In this article a stylistic-speech analysis of speech genre ‘prosecutorial accusation in court’ is represented. In spite of the fact that this genre functions in an oral form, it can be in full leveled as a style, because it realises the features of style: precision, imperativeness, standardisation, objectivity. The genre model of accusation is constructed by a typified sequence of speech activity series: statement of facts of case; analysis and assessment of collected and investigated in court facts of case; personal characteristic of the accused; juridical classification of crime; formulation of conclusions about the punitive measure. It has been ascertained that each speech activity included into this genre is realised by a specific system – interaction of structural and auxiliary different-level linguistic means for formulating speech activity that are able to convey meanings important for fulfilling professional duties in accordance with this genre.

Key words 
stylistics, functional style, prosecutorial professional style, speech genre, genre of prosecutorial accusation in court

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