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Legal Text in Terms of Didactics in Specialized Translation
[Právny text z pohľadu didaktiky odborného prekladu]
Olga Wrede

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2016.09.01.59-82

The submitted paper thematically builds on the research study Právo – Jazyk – Translácia (Wrede, 2013). The author focuses on the phenomenon of legal text in terms of didactics in specialized translation. A special attention is drawn to the typology of legal texts in the context of text linguistics, translation theory and law. On the example of translation of an indictment from German to Slovak the author points out the pitfalls of legal texts translation and the possibilities of mediation and acquisition of specialized knowledge and skills which are necessary for the translation of text genres in criminal procedure law.

Key words 
legal text, type text, text genre, specialized translation, didactics of specialized translation, criminal procedure law, indictment

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