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Lexicology of remuneration in French. Between legal and familiar French
Pierre Brouland – Janka Priesolova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2016.09.02.57-72

The paper is a contribution to the study of Labour Law terminology in French compared to Czech. It deals with lexicological analysis of remuneration, which has not been studied yet. It offers a detailed description of terminology of different types of remuneration in French in its historical development (from linguistic and legal views, on a formal level and on the levels of designation, denotation and concept) and also from a contrastive view compared to Czech. On the contrary to Czech, lexicology of remuneration in French is very complex (rich as it includes not only clearly defined legal terms for a certain type if income, but also terms from a daily language, adapted by individual industries to their needs in the course of historical practice). We point out the diversity of French terminology, polysemiotics and non-unambiguousness of some terms in both languages and we offer CZECH functioning equivalents of some key French terms, which do not have any special term equivalent in the TARGET language (description, rewording – paraphrase).

Key words
French legal terminology, remuneration, wage, salary, profession, functional equivalence 

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