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Guide-interpreter’s language identity as an excursion discourse factor
Anna A. Gureeva – Elina Yu. Novikova – Vera A. Mityagina

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2016.09.02.90-102

The paper deals with an excursion as a genre of oral communication which has its strict structure. The strategies of an excursion text are revealed and discovered. The authors consider the peculiarities of the guide-interpreter’s language identity as a discourse factor of an excursion and analyze the specific features of the guide-interpreter’s communicative actions in different parts of an excursion. The authors determine the influence of the guide-interpreter’s professional and discourse pragmatically adequate strategies on the realization of an excursion communicative actions program and reveal the factors that have an impact on the guide-interpreter’s choice of linguistic means during an excursion.

Key words
guide, guide-interpreter, interpreter’s language identity, tourist discourse, tour guidance, excursion

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