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The Polyethnolect Phenomenon in the current state of language in Germany and Russia
Nikolay Shamne – Marina V. Milovanova – Elena V. Terentyeva – Irina M. Velibekova 
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2016.09.04.46-57
The article considers some new forms of interaction between languages in the context of language state analysis. It determines a general trend towards the hybridization of verbal communication in polylingual environment being represented differently in institutional space of different countries. In Germany this trend is represented by the formation of a polyethnolect as a specific form of ordinary communication in multicultural society; in Russia this trend is manifested in the activation of "hybrid" lexemes formed according to Russian derivational and inflectional models and functioning mainly in ordinary communication. The authors point out extralinguistic and linguistic factors that significantly affect the emergence of new trends, which determine the changes in current state of language.  
Key Words
state of language, migration, language contacts, polyethnolect, hybrid forms of language  

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