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Using the Results of Ethnolinguistic Studies in Teaching the Russian Language as a Foreign Language (by the Material of Education Lexis in Russian and Tajik Languages)
Tatyana Leontyeva - Evgeniy Dorozhkin – Anna Shchetinina  Khayrullo Tabarov
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2016.09.04.100-107
The article is devoted to the use of the results of linguistic researches of Russian lexical material in the practice of teaching Russian as a foreign or non-native language when training Russian language teachers for national schools. It is argued that accumulated and stored ethno-cultural information in the language units may be the subject of comparative study when learning the non-native language. The didactic potential of linguistic methods is estimated, namely semantic and motivational analysis of words or collocations in different languages, one native, the other learning. The comparison of lexis of the “Education” thematic group in Tajik and Russian languages is made in the context of the search of the material for training Tajik students who plan to become teachers the methods of teaching Russian as a foreign language.  
Key Words
learning Russian as a foreign language, lexis, semantics, metaphor, the Russian language, the Tajik language  

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