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Consciousness of Anxiety in Literary Work of Don DeLillo
Martina Pavlikova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.01.07

This paper is a philosophical reflection on anxiety and fear in literary work of outstanding American writer Don DeLillo. Anxiety and fear are the part of human being. Some of DeLillo’s novels and theatrical plays are magnificent meditations on them. This paper analyses the concept of anxiety, fear and death presented in literary work of Don DeLillo and highlights various forms of temporality developed throughout the authorship. Among the topics are personal tragedy of man living in consumer society, tragedy based on attacks in New York, and the futuristic idea of using the achievements of modern science and technology to help man overcome death. Don DeLillo was inspired by various philosophers and his literary work draws extensively on existentialist thought.

Key words: fear, temporality, Don DeLillo, anxiety

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