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Tatar national concepts moŋ and bäkhillek in the original text and the translation
Elvira F. Nagumanova – Gulfiya R. Gainullina – Oksana V. Shemshurenko

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.01.10

The article describes the ways of translation of the Tatar cultural concepts moŋ and bäkhillek into the Russian language with regard to linguistic and cultural values, (moral and aesthetic) factors. The authors emphasize the necessity of accounting for the translation of national peculiarities and cognitive environment, which occurs around the meaningful units of the text and determines the nature of translation transformations. Changes in the concept’s information structure are due to mismatch between the language pictures of the world, the value priorities and cultural traditions of language communities. The associative-conceptual field of concepts does not normally expand in translation but, on the contrary, narrows, which leads to the conceptual fragmentation of the translated text and shattering of its content, image, and stylistic integrity.

Key words: translation, Tatar prose, concept, Eniki, Mahdiev

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