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Training specialists in humanities at technical college
Irina V. Arkhipova – Pavel A. Baklanov – Dmitry O. Zhdanov – Natalya A. Chernova

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.01.11

This paper deals with the training of engineers, the role of the humanities in the course of vocational training in higher school. The authors conclude that a modern world of information requires a fairly high level of language training and the development of humanitarian thought, which is intended to arm a specialist not only with a certain amount of knowledge, but also to shape the qualities of educated person, a competent engineer. The authors in this paper examine the issue of professional competence, emphasizing fundamental importance of the teacher, who lays the foundations for this process. This paper gives a fairly clear idea of educational process management, ways of presenting new educational information. The paper reveals the role of the engineer in society, strategic objectives of humanitarian education are indicated concisely and clearly, as well as the attitudes and relations which it aims to build and develop for younger generation.

Key words: humanization, engineering personnel, professional training, method, education, competence, technology, training activities

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