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The subjective time in a sentence
Natalia V. Semenova — Nadezhda O. Grigoryeva                                                                                    

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.02.09

The article is devoted to the analysis of covert differences of syntactic phenomena that contribute to a peculiar semantic and communicative effect – subjective time, which is expressed by a limited group of Russian poly-propositional sentences. The authors believe that this group includes only sentences that actualize the aspect-taxis situation of “simultaneity of completed facts” and make use of unique temporal determinants such as v odinmig (in a twink), v odnomgnovenie (in an instant), v odnusekundu (in a second), etc. Such sentences are of special interest to non-Russian speakers.

Key words: subjective time, taxis, covert differences of syntactic phenomena

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