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Translation and localization of microtoponyms (based on Russian and English language texts of online tourism discourse)
Irina D. Romadina – Vera A. Mityagina                                                                             

DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.02.10

The article deals with the problem of translation and localization of microtoponyms, which are the names of human-created objects of geographical space such as squares, parks, museums, theaters, avenues within the online tourism discourse. The study of existing techniques of these lexical units’ translation functioning in parallel Russian and English hypertexts, the authors revealed the absence of a uniform approach to the use of the transcription, loan, and description techniques, and proposed a productive from the functional viewpoint method of localization.

Key words: localization, microtoponym, tourism discourse, translation technique, verbal semiotics

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