2017_10_03_08 - XLinguae

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Translation of vulgarism in Mass media
Ludmila Meskova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.03.08
We have observed more vulgarisms in mass media recently. This phenomenon is typical for TV, social networks, the Internet, radio, advertising, and so on. This study is focused on the translation of vulgarisms in the dialogue of French TV series into Slovak (target language), and their analysis. We analyse also the translations of students studying translation. The results of our research show that the degree of the perception of vulgarity in some lexical units, either words or phrasemes, is not the same in the compared languages. We noticed that the translation of some vulgar expressions caused many problems for students due to the lack of knowledge or experience. University teachers should teach future translators that language norm should be respected. Translators can lessen the level of vulgarity and intercultural aspect should be taken into consideration. The work of the translator is significant. On one hand, translators can shift the dialogue text to a more intensive level of vulgarity, and on the other they can soften vulgar expressions.

Key words: Translation, mass media, vulgarisms, dialogue of TV series, intercultural aspect

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