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Structural-semantic and pragmatic features of deonym adjectives in Russian, Kazakh and German languages
Aigul Bizhkenova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.04.01
The article is devoted to the analysis of deonym adjectives in Russian, Kazakh and German. Deonym adjectives have their own characteristics in derivation, but they are not opposed to traditional methods of adjective formation in the languages, and they practically use a well-established mechanism of derivation. These language units are filled with extraordinary semantic content, which is dictated by a proper name in their basis. Deonym vocabulary in its pragmatic volume of meaning is considered as one of the integral components forming lexical parameters of value model of the world.
Key words: language picture of the world, derivative adjectives, morphological and syntactical means, word-formation models, Russian, Kazakh and German

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