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The first year students’ adaptation to the study of linguistic disciplines in the Framework of federal state educational standards of higher education (FSES of HE) realization of a new generation
Marina V. Sturikova – Irina M. Kondyurinа – Nina V. Albrecht – Alena A. Evtugina – Svetlana V. Smirnova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.04.13
The relevance of the research problem due to the need for effective adaptation of the first year students to the study of linguistic disciplines in the framework of Federal state educational standards of higher education realization of a new-generation, for getting information on the difficulties faced by the first-year students due to the appearance of new disciplines, innovative curricula, forms and methods of training, as well as the interest of organizers of educational process in high school in the high results of development of educational, personal and professional competences. The goal of the article lies in justification of the possibility and necessity of conducting various activities, which aimed at the successful adaptation of the students. The leading method to the study of this problem is empirical, which allows to monitor the process of adaptation of the first-year students, to carry out the measurement using a specially developed assignments, tests, etc., and comparison of the indicators; as well as the methods of mathematical statistics and graphical display of results. The set of activities are developed and tested which is necessary and sufficient for the efficient adaptation of the first-year students: organization of the tutors´ work, the use of game situations on a professional theme, various activities outside the classroom, etc. The article can be useful in practical work of linguistic disciplines teachers not only in universities, but also at schools, colleges, as well as interesting to all who are connected with the professional pedagogical activity.

Key words: adaptation, student, linguistic disciplines, Federal state educational standards of higher education (FSES of HE) of a new generation

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