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Semantic context of professional identity crisis experience by teachers
Nadezhda O. Sadovnikova – Tamara B. Sergeeva – Irina V. Deviatovskaja – Svetlana S. Kotova – Alexander A. Shashmurin
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2017.10.04.14
The topicality of the problem under research is predetermined by the need of psychology and pedagogy for the study of the phenomenology of professional identity crisis, the process of its experience by school teachers as well as for the development of the system of psychological and pedagogical support of teachers' professional development in the situation of permanent changes in the education system. The objective of the study is to reveal the content of the professional identity crisis, to describe its main features and analyze the semantic context of its experience by teachers. The principal methods of study of this problem are the phenomenological method, tests to identify the semantic context of the process of the professional identity crisis experience by teachers. The results of the study broaden the understanding of the phenomenon of professional identity crisis and its experience, the content of professional crisis and the phenomenology of professional development of teachers. The materials of the article may be useful for psychologists when designing programs of psychological support of teachers´ professional development.

Key words: professional identity crisis, experience, sense and value sphere, phenomenological analysis

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