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Text approach methodology in translators training (economic discourse)
[La méthodologie d’approche du texte économique dans la formation des traducteurs]
Tatiana A. Baklashova – Liliya R. Abdullina
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.03
This article touches upon the problem of training within the additional educational program “Translator for professional communication”. The research is based on creating favorable conditions to develop the discourse competence of students. A long with this we find indispensable to teach the summary translation and the annotative translation according to our method of instruction which consists of some stages to be kept with. To prove its effectiveness we describe the results of our pedagogical experience being held with students of Kazan Federal University. The results of experiment demonstrate the performance of experimental group over the control one. Thus, we conclude that the summary/annotative translation serves a double function: mastering second language and developing ability to perceive, analyze, critically evaluate the initial text and draw up the summary or the annotation in second language according to situational and conversational norms. These ones are core issues for forming the discourse competence which is necessary to teach translators for professional communication.    

Key words: translation, language, professional communication, discourse competence, summary, annotation, initial text, reformulation

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