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Exploring students' perception and efficiency of technology-mediated ESP teaching
Dinara G. Vasbieva – Nataliia V. Saienko
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.11
The paper investigates students’ perception and efficiency of using technology in language teaching and learning practices with a specific focus on ESP teaching at a non-linguistic higher school. The purpose of this study was to determine students’ self-reported perception and efficiency of the technology supported English language learning environment through survey questionnaire and observation. The study was designed to test the hypothesis that technology-mediated language classroom can be effective provided that the students’ attitudes to digital technology integration in the classroom teaching and learning are positive; learners’ autonomy of study and motivation are enhanced and teacher-dominated lesson practices are reduced.

Key words: technology-mediated ESP teaching, learners’ autonomy, digital technology integration, information and communication technology (ICT)

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