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Supporting continuity in teaching French from secondary school to the university degree
[Pour favoriser la continuité de l’enseignement du français du secondaire au supérieur]
Iveta Rizekova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.13
Based on the fact that the level of French competence among the students applying for university education has been decreasing, the main idea of this article is to draw attention to the importance of continuity in French learning between secondary school and university within the context of Slovak education. Continuity is a very important precondition for effective learning of languages, as it enables the learners to build on their previous language competence and create conditions for future development of language knowledge and skills as well as communication and cross-disciplinary competencies. Based on relevant differences between secondary and tertiary environment we will point out some difficulties, the students may face at tertiary level. Simultaneously, we will recommend some strategies and practices to overcome them and ensure a harmonious passage between secondary and tertiary level of language education.

Key words: continuity, French language, competencies, university, secondary school

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