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Forms of silence in the discourse of advertising
[Formes du silence dans la communication publicitaire]
Marius Octavian Munteanu
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.15
Our analysis is about those forms of silence used by advertisers to achieve this misleading psychological game of straightforward seduction and dissimulated manipulation. To do this, our study will concentrate on the construction of the product image, on the identity construction of the character-persona depicted (that TU-I – ideal addressee), and on the linguistic signs used to get the message fully persuasive and meaningful. And, of course, on that socio-cultural implicit, that silence transmitting more than any fully developed and consciously created discourse, implicitly based on audio-visual or strictly visual signs.

Key words: communication, advertising, discourse analysis, silence, silenciation, pragma-semiotics

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