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Humor in the Algerian chronicle; a comparative view
[L’humour dans la chronique algérienne; regard comparatif]
Ikram Aya Bentounsi 
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.16
Humor marks out the Algerian journalistic discourse written in French. It performs several functions, namely the denunciation of injustices by the comic and the playing down of a tragic political situation. This paper studies humor in the Algerian chronicles written in French. It is an attempt to lay the foundations for an analysis of a phenomenon as complex as humor. It also allows us to update the various forms of humor pertaining to the Algerian cultural context. The Algerian chronicle is, thus, a space where irony, sarcasm, incongruity, black humor, derision. This work endeavours to show the subjective side of written press through these forms which betray a certain freedom of expression. 

Key words: humor, irony, journalistic discourse, discursive freedom, subjectivity

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