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The perception of fashion Anglicisms in contemporary French – results of a questionnaire survey
[La perception des anglicismes de mode dans le français contemporain – résultats d’une enquête par questionnaire]
Radka Mudrochova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.17
This contribution aims to present the results of a questionnaire survey carried out in spring 2017. The general research methodology draws on the international project EmpNéo (directed by Prof. Jean-François Sablayrolles, Paris XIII) and on the research carried out by the author of the communication and by her colleague Jan Lazar (Mudrochova, Lazar, 2016, 2017). Our research is based on the idea of ​​an open corpus that is enriched and complemented almost daily by new language creations mostly derived from English. After two years of studying borrowings in the field of fashion and beauty, we have obtained 400 borrowings from English which we have sorted out and commented on in our previous communications. Beyond that, we selected a sample of loans that we included in our questionnaire whose results represent the main objective of this communication introduced by a theoretical framework and by the working methodology.

Key words: Anglicism, Fashion, Loanword, Questionnaire, Metalinguistic corpus

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