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Digital in FFL (French as a foreign language) class: how to make our learners think?
[Le numérique en classe de FLE: comment agir pour amener nos apprenants à réfléchir ?]
Olga M. Kozarenko
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.20
The new technologies are more and more invading the educational area including the area of modern languages teaching-learning. It spreads is so fast that sometimes we are not able to adapt to them.
What are the challenges of students and the problems of the teachers, who sometimes claim of a strong dependence on digital tools of their students?
The research in question represents the results of the work carried out with teachers of the FFL as well as their Russian learners with linguistic and non-linguistic preparation.
The use of qualitative and quantitative methods has allowed us to understand better the weak points of the teachers of French to teach the FL (foreign language) profile. Surveys of our students have completed the image of the new educational landscape.
A thorough data analysis helped us to find tracks of reflections and avoid errors in the practical use of new technologies in the course of FL.

Key words: language training, new technologies, digital tools, advantage and disadvantages of digital

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