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The methodology of teaching French language as a foreign in Russia and French-Russian education in cyberspace. Challenges and difficulties needed to skip in secondary school and higher education institute
[La didactique du FLE en Russie  et l’espace éducatif virtuel franco-russe. Perspectives et difficultés à surmonter à l’école secondaire et supérieure]
Svetlana Kashchuk
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.01XL.27
The article introduces the results of researches on the question of effective integration of Information and Communication Technologies into French language teaching for use in Russian secondary school and higher education institute.
Today society of the 21st century needs skilled people in using foreign languages easily in real life as well as in cyberspace. Consequently, to create the third millennium people we need professors armed with linguistic multimedia competence that allows them to apply ICT into foreign language teaching in effective manner. The analysis shows that the professors of French in Russia lacked with pedagogic approaches allowing the usage ICT at French lessons.
Practice shows that the most effective pedagogic approach is a combination of new ICT and the methods that proved its effectiveness for centuries, for instance, problem solving learning or project-based learning.
In this article we introduce our experience which leads to successful education by means of organized cyberspace learning project between Russian and French students.

Key words: cyber school, ICT in the education of FLT (French language teaching as foreign), didactics of FLT, project-based learning

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