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Taanit bechorim (Fast of the first-born)  in rabbinic judaism
[„Taanit bechorim“ (pust prvorozenych) v rabinskem judaismu]
Roman Kralik – Marie Roubalova – Ladislav Lenovsky – Tunde Tuska – Sandra Kralj-Vuksic
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.02
The presented study describes the importance and meaning of fasting in relation to God. This is a special way of calling to God in the limiting situations of man - in times of grief, anxiety, fear and pain. Fasting is also a reminder and presentation of ancient national disasters in Israel. Fasting  of the first-born is an important event that every year before Pesach reminds firstborn Israelites their redemption and salvation at the slaughter of the firstborn in Egypt.

Key words: man, fasting, Israel, God

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