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Meaning, necessity, and value of obedience according to the sidra "Lech-lech" in rabbinical tradition
[Smysl, nezbytnost a hodnota poslusnosti podle sidry „Lech-lecha“ v rabinske tradici]
Marie Roubalova – Bojan Zalec – Roman Kralik
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.05
Sidra Lech lecha (Bereshit / Genesis 12,1 - 17,27) is an important passage in the book of Bereshit. The authors of the study analyze the understanding of the text from the point of view of various rabbinical traditions. They focus on the theological and ethical aspects of the creation narrative. They emphasize the concepts of revelation, belief, covenant, and obedience as essential entry points for valid applications of the hermeneutical approaches that inform the writing of the story of Abraham. In this study, they focus on the narrative of Abraham from the perspective of an internal struggle between the obedient faith of an individual and external constraints required by the covenant between God and humans in which the one and ultimate guarantor is the God of Abraham. This covenant reveals the cognitive as well as mystical aspects of the individual's struggle for genuine self-realization, a spiritual growth that is propelled by one’s anticipation of the future as determined by the covenantal promise of God.

Key words: Sidra, Abraham, God, Obedience, Genesis

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