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Means of expressing the semantic field of a mental component within deficiency category in Russian
[Средства выражения функционально-семантического поля ментальной составляющей категории неполноценности в русском языке]
Alexander Ptashkin
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.06
This article deals with expressive means and structure of a mental component within deficiency category in Russian. The semantic field of the mental component of the category of deficiency has been represented by the core including three components, and near and distant peripheries in Russian. The core of the semantic field of deficiency in Russian has been presented by the following components – medical terms of mental diseases and brain pathologies, lexemes, and phrases within the concept of defects in mental development, language means denoting psychological disorders. Periphery near the center includes the informal style lexis. The further semantic sphere has been depicted with the euphemisms.

Key words: semantic field, category, deficiency, mental component, Russian

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