2018_11_02_07 - XLinguae

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Visual metaphorization models in PSA discourse
Marina V. Terskikh
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.07
Nowadays we can see that a traditional verbal metaphor is giving its way to more elaborate and complex type – the polycode metaphor. Thus it becomes vital to research such metaphorical structures, where the transfer is performed using an iconic semiotic system and by correlation of visual metaphor with a verbal one. This transfer of the verbal code into the code of images is deemed to have a great persuasive potential essential for PSA’s effectiveness. It means that all advantages of metaphoric “packing” of the information can be actualized by the verbal code sufficiently enhanced by the visual code.

Key words: visual metaphor, polycode text, PSA discourse, metaphorical modeling, content analysis

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