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Interview as a genre of new media communication: rhetorical relations and pragmatic effects
Inna V. Kovtunenko – Svetlana V. Bylkova – Viktoriya A. Borisenko – Natalia A. Minakova – Varvara I. Rogacheva
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.08
The article presents the results of the research of interview as a genre of new media. Special attention the article pays to rhetorical relations and pragmatic effects of the interview. On the level of new media, the genre of the interview realizes in a pragmatic aspect in two functions. These are messages and speech influence making. In private, the influence function is proved in a multidimensional way in the media discourse. Therefore, the addressee can believe in the speaker’s correctness and accept his/her opinions in verbal expressions. We describe rhetorical relation schemes and models of the interview in new media, and its influence on the addressee in emotional and volitional ways. We can see the perlocutionary result of the interview in new media when the addressee creates meanings using communicative strategies in the mass media communication. 

Key words: mass media, media discourse, new media, media genre, interview, rhetorical relations, pragmatic effects, influence, communicative strategies

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