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Polycode hypertext in polylingual discourse of intercultural communications
Irina V. Vashunina – Marina E. Ryabova – Liudmila A. Egorova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.17
The article considers linguistic aspects of polycode hypertext functioning in a polylingual context investigating its potential in changing the value orientation of a mass recipient. Hypertext is regarded as a means of communication uniting multilingual streams of conceptual sense, which is represented by means of verbal and non-verbal codes as well as perceptive images of multi-level modalities. Resistance to hidden manipulative influence is an acute problem nowadays. Hypertext as an asymmetric and polymodal phenomenon is seen from the point of view of its functioning in a communicative reality. The psycholinguistic experimental study using the method of semantic differential shows the main trends of creolized hypertext development and perception. Pragmatic potential of different parameters of visual components for manipulation of the public conscience is identified. Polycode text usage changes categorial realia of communication through information perception management resulting in modification of recipients’ value orientation. 

Key words: communicative reality, hypertext, polycode communication, multilingual mosaic, hypertext asymmetry, creolized text, experimental study, audiovisual communication, value orientation, mass recipient

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