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Exploring the EFL teacher’s role in a smart learning environment – a review study
Dinara G. Vasbieva – Natalia L. Sokolova – Alfiya R. Masalimova – Vladimir M. Shinkaruk – Yuliya L. Kiva-Khamzina
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.21
The paper investigates the EFL teacher’s role in a smart learning environment (SLE) which uses education technologies to provide essential tools for teachers to personalize teaching, adjust teaching and assessment, and create authentic learning environments for students. SLEs are aimed at using technology to bring real life experiences into the classroom to engage students, and prepare them for life-long education and future careers in a way that traditional practices often fail to do. The study was designed to review a vast amount of literature devoted to the potential of SLEs and teacher’s role in these learning settings and propose a model for EFL teacher’s multiple roles in SLE. 

Key words: smart learning environment, information and communication technology, student-centered approach, teacher-centered approach, EFL teacher’s role

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