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Origin and function of verbal aspect in Czech, Slovak and Romance languages
[Povod a funkcia slovesneho vidu v cestine, slovencine a v romanskych jazykoch]
Martin Stur – Peter Kopecky
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.39

Our contribution analyses the origin and function of verbal aspect in certain Slavonic, Romance and ad hoc in Germanic languages from a historical, comparative and theoretical linguistic perspective. We observe how verbs in Slavonic languages evolved with different verbal content from basic root words, intended as variants of Indo-European roots with different verbal functions. From this base, a system of one-verb tenses in Romance, English, and German languages had been created, yet we demonstrate manifestations of a parallel tendency towards Slavonic languages. We also focus ourselves on a subsequent system of deriving verbal variants of verbs by means of prefixes and suffixes. We identify differences and similarities in understanding the verbal aspect also in the field of phaseal verbal periphrastic aggregations. It is not an in-depth, systematical analysis of the verbal aspect in the aforementioned languages, but rather an attempt to provide an exemplar comparative perspective.

Key words: verbal aspect, Czech language, Slovak language, selected Romance languages, comparison

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