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Metaphorical terms in the context of linguistic research articles
Evgeniya Khabirova
DOI: 10.18355/XL.2018.11.02.40
The article is devoted to the investigation of metaphorical terms in the context of research articles on linguistics. It considers the theoretical background of metaphorical conceptualization in the cognitive paradigm. The components of linguistic metalanguage are described in the paper. Metaphorical terms are considered not only as linguistic units, but also as units of professional knowledge or means of knowledge transfer. Metaphorical terms are viewed as idioms because of their figurativeness. The paper states that idioms are motivated by conceptual metaphors. The dictionary meaning of metaphorical terms is compared with contextual clues from research articles where they are used. The role of context in revealing the meaning of metaphorical terms is identified.

Key words: metaphorical term, metaphorical conceptualization, metaphor, context, linguistics

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